siblings in the Salmon River Mountains

This past fall my brothers and I felt the urge to have a mini siblings adventure. We found ourselves driving down a long dirt road, deep into the Salmon River Mountains past abandoned mining towns into the peaceful light reflecting from golden, fall foliage. 

The air was unbelievably crisp and clean, the familiar brisk breeze blowing through the yellow leaves was the only sound for miles. There is something calming about fall and witnessing the transition from warm summer months and long days to the harsher conditions that are soon to be winter’s cold temperatures and fewer hours of sunlight. It is as if nature is quietly at work, preparing itself for the months to come. 

We witnessed a group of horse packers, diligently and beautifully making their way down the trail. I am unsure whether they were on their way to setup a long term hunting camp or had some other reason for carrying so many supplies into the wilderness. 

With no sense of urgency, we walked down a trail following the river. It weaved through an impressive canyon and through sections of forest where the sun would shine through in perfect beams of light. Despite the quiet, critters were everywhere, going about their private lives. We saw mountain goats, caterpillars, birds, even a black bear startled by our footsteps in the dark. 

Eventually, we found our way to the Upper Loon hot springs where there were multiple hot pools and hot springs cascading from the rocks above. We let time escape us and ended up walking out in the dark, telling jokes and singing songs to let our bear friends know we were near. 

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